Monday, August 10, 2009


I've a proximate relation being examined this week by neurologists looking for Lou Gerhig's Disease.  Much obliged for some assistance from the communion of saints.

UPDATE: Many thanks all.  The neurologist is of the opinion at this time that it is not Lou Gerhig's or multiple sclerosis.  He is still puzzled.  Regrettably, it can take a year of observation to sort these things out.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prayers said Art. Godspeed for your relative.

10 August, 2009 20:37  
Anonymous Art Deco said...

Many thanks.

11 August, 2009 21:28  
Blogger Kate Pitrone said...

Perhaps dropping in to see if anything was new was not so random after all. Praying.

15 August, 2009 20:36  
Blogger Teresa said...

I will be keeping your relative in my thoughts and prayers. Praying that God's healing touch will come upon your relative.

17 August, 2009 15:24  

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